Last night, Saturday, I had nothing to do. I was out with my brother and his wife, watching some movies on Netflix and playing golf on the PS3, when it came time for me to choose something to watch...and since I have had a penchant for scary movies from before I can remember, obviously, I steered towards that category immediately.

I watch movies because I can relate to the characters; I have the imagination to be sitting there, watching the show, and I'll say to myself, "What would it be like if that was me?." My brother is more of the flashy guns, violence and explosions type, however, and cannot see what I enjoy about movies he doesn't like.

Anyway, I chose "Lovely Molly" which was directed by Eduardo Sanchez (Blair Witch, Blair Witch 2, Altered) in 2011.

It stars Gretchen Lodge (The Cigar Collector, Stalker) and Johnny Lewis (AVPR, The Runaways) as Molly and Tim, a newlywed couple who moves into Molly's childhood home, only to shortly thereafter, begin to suffer paranormal attacks.

What caught my eye really, was the opening scene in which Gretchen Lodge is filming herself sitting in the bathroom and declairing that whatever happens is not her fault, that there's something wrong with her. Then she attempts to slit her own throat but seemingly cannot. It was one of those grisly scenes, where even someone as dissensitized by violence on TV as I am,  sat there with my eyes covered wondering whether she was actually going to do it or not.
If you're a fan of movies like the Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity or the Devil Inside, you should definitely check this one out.

The cast is full of unknowns and not-fully-appreciated talent and the story rocks, just give it a bit of time to evolve.

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